Trial Court Judges

"Exceeded my expectations, this course should be taken by all trial judges."

"Isabel's listing of all the skills that go into interpreting gave me a new respect and admiration for interpreters."

​ "The real scenarios presented by Isabel really provided proof of the importance of adhering to the standards."

Law Enforcement Officers

"Excellent program, the instructor did an excellent job presenting material."

"Long overdue course! It was great! Course should be in the police academy."

"Make course available to all law enforcement."

"The class was great and the only thing that I would change would be to increase the length of time to at least 3 maybe 4 days."

Dispatcher... "Two people that also attended have already used some of the phrases we have learned on medical calls for ambulances that would have otherwise been written as an unknown complaint that police would have went out first on, then had to call for an ambulance resulting in a significant time delay."

Community Based Advocates

"Information related to DV situation very helpful. Our agency uses interpreters and I am now able to look for signs that will help to rule out interpreters that are unable to do the job."'

Professional Interpreters

​"I'd like to participate in more seminars. It was a wonderful experience."

​"I think it was great. I learned new things that I did not know and now they can help me in my job."

"Please continue doing what you are doing, we need qualified people to interpret and translate, especially in the court settings."

​General Comments

"Well presented ... Made class enjoyable ... Friendly ... Approachable ... The class was great! ..."

"Thank you once again for inviting me to the training. It helped me consolidate my knowledge of interpreting. You have re-enforced to me the importance of preserving the integrity of the message. I admire how you bring together the law enforcement personnel and interpreters so that they can work together more efficiently. It was truly inspiring to see a professional at work!"

"On behalf of the Cleveland Federal Executive Board's LEP Partnership Group. Thank you again Isabel for speaking at our FEB National Origin & LEP Forum: Laws and Emerging Issues. Your presentation was outstanding, and we have received very positive feedback from attendees. They especially liked your exercises. Your presentation contributed greatly to the success of the program."

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